Thursday, August 4, 2016

Final Blog Post for the Bogie Team

After we showed our design to the machinist, we were notified that the jack system in our design wouldn't work. One reason was because the jack system would be very difficult to fabricate in the machine shop. The second reason was because we had too many moving parts in the jack system, which would break very shortly due to wear and tear. In order to solve this issue, we had to take our jack system out entirely. However, we still wanted a jacking mechanism in the bogie, so we decided to put a pneumatic piston inside each half bogie that would raise and lower the bogie. The bogie could then be taken to a maintenance station where you could bleed out the air to lower the piston and ultimately lowering the bogie, so that it could be taken off the track. Then after preventative maintenance has been preformed, the bogie could be placed back on the track and an air house could be used to inject air into the piston. This would raise the piston and ultimately raise the bogie against the track. The bogie team is working on finishing up the design to implement the new jack system before we finish our session. Unfortunately, the bogie team didn't have enough time to fabricate the bogie due to the issue with the jacking system.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bogie Team Update Week of 7/18-7/22

During this week, we spent the majority of our time fixing little changes in our design for fabrication. We created the template for the 2-D pieces to be laser cut. Afterwards, the template and a sheet of MDF wood were taken to the laser cutter on campus, We got our wooden bogie pieces laser cut. There were a few issues where the laser burnt too much material and the dimensions were slightly off. We also sent the metal pieces of our project to a machine shop, where the machinist pointed out any defects in our design. We are working on perfecting these defects in our design.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bogie Team Update Week of 7/11-7/15

 The beginning of this week our team worked on our posters and presentation for the conference, as well as attending the conference. After the conference, we began working on the fabrication of the bogie. We began cutting and drilling a few metal pieces that will be used for the jack system, but we realized our drill press wasn't drilling precise holes. We decided to cut the metal and then take them to a machine shop to get the holes drilled precisely. For the wood portion of the bogie, we used a laser cutter at the lab on campus to cut each piece out of MDF wood.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Bogie team update for week of 7/5-7/8

For this week we've finished the steering system drawing and assembling, changed the jack system placement and finished the 2D drawings to start producing the wooden/metal model. The motor propulsion system is fully modeled with an actuator on it. Below we can see the final design of the Bogie/Propulsion on the track:
So now the next step is to laser cut the wooden board at the college lab.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bogie team update for week of 6/27-7/1

   During this week we have been working on motor control and on designing the complete assembled bogie. We have created a program that makes the motor spin at different speeds and have a reverse function. For the design aspect, we have been working on implementing the steering mechanism within our new design of the bogie. We also brainstormed different propulsion systems and began designing these systems. We created a design for the the complete motor involving the motor its selfs, the shaft, and the breaking disk. We also designed the actuator we plan to use and the different propulsion systems we were planning to use. We had some issues in implementing the steering system within our new design, for our jack mechanism started getting in the way. However, after some brainstorming among the team we were able to solve the issues that we have ran into so far.