Thursday, August 4, 2016

Final Blog Post for the Bogie Team

After we showed our design to the machinist, we were notified that the jack system in our design wouldn't work. One reason was because the jack system would be very difficult to fabricate in the machine shop. The second reason was because we had too many moving parts in the jack system, which would break very shortly due to wear and tear. In order to solve this issue, we had to take our jack system out entirely. However, we still wanted a jacking mechanism in the bogie, so we decided to put a pneumatic piston inside each half bogie that would raise and lower the bogie. The bogie could then be taken to a maintenance station where you could bleed out the air to lower the piston and ultimately lowering the bogie, so that it could be taken off the track. Then after preventative maintenance has been preformed, the bogie could be placed back on the track and an air house could be used to inject air into the piston. This would raise the piston and ultimately raise the bogie against the track. The bogie team is working on finishing up the design to implement the new jack system before we finish our session. Unfortunately, the bogie team didn't have enough time to fabricate the bogie due to the issue with the jacking system.

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